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Ingredients your skin will recognize...

In a world where beauty products and their ingredients number in the hundreds, it is no surprise that consumers find themselves confused among wild combinations of exotic ingredients offering the latest promise of youth.

GIRZI believes in providing the benefits that clean, primary, and most importantly, natural ingredients offer, ingredients that are closest to our own physiology, and therefore more receptive. Youthful, beautiful, and well-managed skin is simply and inevitably an expected result of implementing GIRZI products into your daily self-care routine.



  • Thermal Water - The Pharmacy of Nature

All GIRZI Products contain thermal mineral-rich spring water.

The benefits of Thermal Water have been recognized since the Romans. Historical ducuments have shown that as early as the mid 1700's scientific studies were being conducted on the multiple health advantages of Thermal Water (Francesco Roncalli, 1724). Thermal Water contained in GIRZI products originate from springs deep beneath the surface of the earth in a mountainous region in northern Itlay.

Centuries old, the Thermal Water from these sources is full of organic salts; minerals and vegetable extracts that deliver profound benefits to the skin especially when combined with other organic elements such as mud, peat, or algae.



  • Nuturing Olive Oil - The Wisdom of our Predecessors

GIRZI has always believed in providing the benefits that natural ingredients offer - those closest to our own physiology, therfore most receptive.

Roman women honored it as a moisturizer and for safeguarding their beauty. For 4 decades, GIRZI has used only highly refined extracts of cold pressed extra virigin olive oil, packed with potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids that support cell membranes and bring suppleness and elasticity to the skin. Olive Fruit Extract also hydrates and nourishes the skin while balancing the skin's natural production of sebum which clogs pores when left unmanaged.

Benefits of GIRZI Organic Olive Fruit Extract:

  • Vitamin A - Improves skin elasticity, moisture contents, suppleness and softness. Helps reverse the signs of photo-aging.
  • Vitamin E - An antioxiant nutrient that retards cellular aging due to oxidations.
  • Beta Carotene - An antioxidant (Vitamin A - retinol) that helps protect the skin from the effects of free radials.
  • Squalene - An excellent natural moisturizer and lubricant that reduces skin irritation.
  • Secolridoids - An antioxidant that protects the skin's structure and fights cellular aging.
  • Olyphenols - A powerful antioxidant that has been compared to Vitamine E, but scientifically proven to be significantly more effective as free radical scavengers.
  • Linoleic Acid - An essential fatty acid that helps support the skin's own barrier protection mechanisms.


  •  Torbe - The Power of Peat

The use of Peat for cleansing, nourishing, and treating the skin is as significant today as it was at the turn of the century. GIRZI is the only skincare company in the world to procure a clinically researched peat from Lake Massaciuccoli ("Mass-a-chook-o-lee"). Located one mile from the Mediterranean sea on the Tuscany coast, Lake Massaciuccoli is a 30,000 year-old shallow flood deposit in which lush organic (living) matter-herbs, grasses and flowering plants, buried and mixed, gently layer themselves 30 feet deep. Subject to compelling biochemical changes over thousands of years, the layers are tranformed into a rich, botanical substance that is extracted and harvested for use in products. Lake Massaciucooli's distinctive peat composition is procured only by GIRZI.



  • Thermae - Thermal Mud

Curative, therapeutic and cleansing properties of the Thermal Mud has been used for hundreds of years by Romans and native Italians.

Boario is the region with extensive thermal activity in northern Italy. The Thermal Mud from this regions is famous for its therapeutic effectiveness, due to the physicochemical composition of special Silica Mineral salts Thermal Water known as "Antica Fausta" combined with Argilla. GIRZI utilized this mineral jewel and deveolped the mineral rich Thermal Mud through "process of maturation".

Again, GIRZI Skincare invites you to experience nature's action in a truly healing, soothing and therapeutic Skin & Body Line.  We are convinced that our product differs from anything you have experienced.

Better Health!

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