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  • Thank you for the Acne Treatment Set. My teenage son has had great results with the treatment. His skin was incredible after a week of use.I will certeainly recommend this product.
          Janice N.
  • Day Cream Restoring Action: This cream is very thick and seems to melt into my skin making it very smooth and not at all greasy. My skin tone has evened tremendously after only several days of using this product. I can go out "bare" or use it under makeup very successfully. My finicky skin is very happy with this product.
          Night Cream Anti-Aging Action: I live in a very dry climate causing my skin to look dry and dull but this product (along with the
          day restoring cream) has done exactly what it said by restoring my health glow.
          Andrea J.

  • Love it!. I met the people of Girzi at the Las Vegas show last weekend they went over the line with me and I bought some. Out of the hundred of lines there they were the only ones who made sense! I live in Arizona and my skin is always super dry, but every other moisturizer I use my make up doesn't go on right or I get sweaty. I have been using it faithfully for the last week and I have been getting so many complements on my face. I was looking for reviews on this company and couldn't find any so I wanted to say something about this wonderful line. I hope to hear more good things!!
          Ashley Phoenix, AZ


  • ...I still love your mud, very therapeutic and healing

   Love Ginny


  • I just wanted to say Thank You, to all of you at Girzi. I was sure that I had exhausted every means necessary to improve the quality of my skin when I was younger. I had seen many dermatologists and all the medications that go along with that and even tried the latest and greatest acne treatments. So I had given up years ago and accepted the fact that exposing my skin to the sun and salt water would have a negative effect on my skin and I learned to live with it. Thanks to a chance meeting with Erwin, I decided to give your product a shot. I was extremely skeptical of going through the whole ordeal only to be let down again, but the fact that the product is all natural was the deciding factor for me to give it a try.  Erwin's unbridled enthusiasm as well his genuine desire to help people is unparalleled.  Jennifer, the Esthetician, has a natural talent for making people feel comfortable around her and is fantastic at what she does. Words can't express how amazing the results are. Thanks again.
  • Brand Thermae Day Cream Restoring Action Moisturizers Girzi Line - Thermae Day Cream Restoring Action with Olive Oil Extra Virgina biologic and coenzime Q10. Sealed New in Box. This is my FAVORITE skin care and I received extra for my birthday.


  • Wait until you finish all your treatments, take your final measurements and photos, then decide if you had any type of results. I am not a doctor but I run my machine out of a dermatologists office. I am very similiar to your height and weight, work out, etc. but still plaqued with cellulite (YUCK) I have had 10 treatments plus a touch up every 4 weeks, I can totally tell a difference and so can my friends and boyfriends. I also use and retail a cellulite cream from Italy called Girzi cellulite ultra firming gel--I researched just about every one out there and this seems to be the best. Always remember, it looks worse to us than anyone else. Let me know how it went once you finish up all your sessions. ps. endermologie does NOT work--sales are down substantially and its not a medical device.

          The Skinsultant


  • I received your products at the CMA awards in my husband’s gift basket. My husband is half of the country duo Blue Country. My name is Melissa. I am an actress on Days of Our Lives. I have been on the show for fifteen years and have been exposed to every face product out there. That is, until I received your products. I have never seen such a visible difference in my skin. I begged the people at CMA to find your info. so I could stock up. Luckily I saw your website on the box tag. I just ran out of the night cream, so I found your website just in time. I was so excited to see all of your other products. I can’t say enough about your product except that I’m even more pleased now because I found your website and can have as much of your product as I please! I wish I could keep your products a secret, but I can’t. That wouldn’t be fair to all the other actresses in town. I’m telling everyone about GIRZI. Thanks again for a great product.

   Melissa Reeves